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KBM Enterprise


KBM Enterprise provides consulting services primarily advanced case design and underwriting. Arrangements vary from a temporary to part-time need, or serving exclusively as a firm’s advanced cased design and underwriting consultant. We are often engaged when an employee is on vacation or taking an extended leave of absence due to medical reasons.

Our consulting team has broad experience in all areas of underwriting, product analysis, comprehensive advanced case design, life insurance and annuity product knowledge, and customized tax planning.

We are able to listen objectively to the goals of your clients, and use cutting edge planning and funding techniques. The variety of expertise available from KBM allows your firm to reduce in- house costs in terms of staff, time and resources to gain a competitive advantage.

Advanced Case Design

KBM works with advisors and their teams on all types of cases; ranging from simple product comparisons to advanced estate planning, wealth transfer, business succession and executive benefit designs. We review the facts of each case; and based on the objectives and goals of your client, may provide financial modeling, tax research, legal review and advanced designs of life insurance.


KBM has extensive experience in underwriting. We can offer the underwriting support required to fulfill a temporary or permanent need. KBM has the knowledge base with the systems used, and therefore, training is typically not required. This creates a seamless process when KBM is hired by a particular firm.

Hiring KBM Consulting is a cost effective alternative to hiring staff or a new employee. You have the flexibility to hire KBM based on your specific needs. We customize scope of services, time lines, and our interface with your team to help you achieve your goals.