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KBM Express

KBM Express is the preferred resource firms use for eUnderwriting to automate life insurance underwriting. Integrated with eForms and eSignature, KBM Express conducts the online interview with a firm’s respective client.

As your preferred outside resource/vendor, KBM adds value to your firm in many ways:

  • Reduces staff and producer time to conduct online interviews
  • Allows producer and staff to focus on wealthier clients
  • Simplifies the process to move cases at a faster rate
  • Increases revenue
  • Improves net margins

As part of the KBM Express process, the firm would be required to fill out an online form via KBM’s website. This would provide the information needed to contact the client and conduct the online interview.

KBM has collectively over 50 years of industry experience. We have served as an contract Underwriter for many firms. When speaking with your firm’s clients, this is a strategic advantage. We eliminate conflicts of interest when asking applicants uncomfortable questions on your behalf.