Efficient Solutions for a Sophisticated Marketplace


A key strength of KBM Consulting is understanding the complexities of tax law.

We stay abreast of changes in tax legislation and apply our specialized expertise to Tax Preparation & Research, Wealth Transfer, Business Succession Planning, Executive Benefits and Financial Modeling.

Tax Preparation & Research

KBM has extensive experience in tax preparation, tax research, principles, procedures and techniques to effectively interpret, analyze and correctly formulate tax solutions. We have knowledge in drafting legal memorandums and making appropriate recommendations for documents changes to minimize tax liabilities. KBM will collaborate with your legal counsel to provide the highest level of service.

Wealth Transfer

KBM works with advisors and clients to create sophisticated wealth transfer strategies to protect, preserve and transfer assets to future generations in a tax efficient manner. These may include:

  • Design and documentation of a plan that ensures proper timing and amount of distribution to beneficiaries
  • Planning for spousal and dependent income
  • Analysis, review and diagramming of estate planning documents
  • Maximum utilization of annual and lifetime gift exclusions
  • Gifting programs to transfer assets and provide financial security for children and grandchildren
  • Charitable foundations and other gifts to charity while reducing taxes and potentially increasing current income
  • Distributions from a family business to both participating and non-participating children
  • Reducing or eliminating estate taxes

Business Succession Planning

KBM partners with you to structure arrangements that address the concerns of business owners regarding transfer of business assets upon death, disability, or retirement. Proper planning can ensure the orderly and appropriately funded transfer of ownership and minimal disruption of operation of the business.

Executive Benefits

KBM Consulting will work with your clients to design and implement executive benefit plans that effectively attract, reward and retain key talent. We assist you in developing creative designs that expand the usual parameters of deferred compensation and SERP plans to fit individual and company objectives. Our knowledge of taxation and funding techniques can mitigate the impact of plan liabilities on company financials and the income tax effect when benefits are received.

Financial Modeling

Our analysis of planning techniques includes modeling of asset performance, income and estate tax liabilities, executive benefit plan liabilities, asset-liability matching, and cash flow projections.