At KBM Consulting, we offer a range of insurance and tax-planning support.

  • Case Design
  • Case Management
  • Client Service
  • Licensing & Contracting
  • Commission Tracking
  • Special Projects

From case design to client service, we are available to help every step of the way in issuing and maintaining life insurance policies. You can choose one or any combination of services to fit your changing needs.

We take the protection of your information and your clients’ data very seriously. Our strict commitment to ethical practices and quality service extend to appropriate technology and licensing measures, including the use of:

  • Firewall
  • Encrypted email
  • Required confidentiality agreement with all consultants
  • Multi-authentication set up for KBM email
  • Remote monitoring agent and anti-virus software installation required on all KBM work devices
  • Required background check, licensure, and E&O insurance for all consultants

We will work within your existing technology infrastructure. Often this means being a part of your Virtual Private Network (VPN), Cloud Office 365, and email accounts with your current provider. We will work directly with your technology vendor to make this as easy as possible to become a seamless extension of your team.

We will design our service plan to deliver the exact hassle-free, solutions-driven support you need. This may include:

  • Project Based
  • Hourly/Monthly Fee
  • Hybrid Compensation
  • Or a combination of the above

We offer agreements for any one of these needs. Some clients have temporary growing pains or staff coverage challenges. Others recognize the value of having an experienced, collaborative support team without the hassle of management oversight or the cost of W-2 employee overhead. Either way—we are here to help.

For clients with ongoing service plans, whether part-time or full-time, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant to act as your primary point of contact. You will also have access to the knowledge base of our full team of experts as defined by your service agreement.

KBM is a relationship-driven business striving to retain clients and consultants on a long-term basis. Our goal is to hire qualified and experienced consultants who share KBM's vision and mission of excellence. Since 2009 to present, KBM has made 1 change to their consulting team.

  • Increase revenue — by capturing more opportunities with new and existing relationships.
  • Attract ideal prospects — by serving higher-net worth and higher-income clients with advanced planning expertise and support.
  • Shorten sales cycle — closing gaps with our proactive case management and outreach.
  • Create a competitive advantage — delivering comprehensive service and support.
  • Increase client service, Referrals & Retention — exceptional service is something everyone loves to talk about!
  • Save time — Your most invaluable, non-renewable resource! Forget the hassle of attracting, hiring, training and retaining staff in-house. Free up your time and energy to focus on what you do best—meeting with new prospects.
  • Reduce staffing overhead — KBM is immediately available to scale your business at a fraction of time & cost it would take to reproduce and manage comparable expertise internally.
  • Gain confidence — Approach each meeting with the knowledge and confidence of having a highly experienced and self-managing back-office team to rely upon so you can show up and look brilliant.