Long-Term Care Case Study

Case Studies, Long-Term Care

Maximizing your life after retirement by designing a compelling LONG·TERM CARE plan. Long-term care includes a vast array of services aimed at helping people when they are no longer able to function independently. The types of long-term care services depend upon the individual’s needs. Some long-term care is aimed at providing help with day-to-day activities...

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Suitability and Best Interest in Life Insurance and Annuity Transactions (“Regulation 187”)

Insurance, Resources

New York State amended Regulation 187 to establish what is referred to as the “Best Interest Rule. The amendments are effective August 1, 2019 for annuity transactions and February 1, 2020 for life insurance transactions. The amendments extend the standard of care insurance companies, agents, and brokers must now exercise when making recommendations to prospective...

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Regulation Best Interest (“Reg BI”)


Regulation Best Interest (BI) is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rule (effective July 1, 2020) that requires broker-dealers to only recommend financial products and services to their customers that are in their customer’s best interests, and to clearly identify any potential conflicts of interest and financial incentives the broker-dealer may have with those products....

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The Cares Act (Act) and Its Impact on Individual Taxpayers and Small Businesses

Resources, Tax Planning

The Act authorizes $2.1 trillion in aid to reduce the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This legislation provides relief for individuals and businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The Act* includes the following key provisions: Individual Taxpayer Provisions: Direct Payments: Individual taxpayers receive a one-time payment of up to $1,200,...

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Executive Benefit Case Study

Case Studies, Executive Benefits

Helping a producer write $35 million in new life insurance policies by designing a compelling EXECUTIVE BENEFIT plan. Facts of Case: This case involved an S corporation with three highly compensated, key employees. One of these key employees was a minority owner in the business and owned 10% of the company. The other two employees...

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Estate Planning Case Study

Case Studies, Estate Planning

Giving a producer confidence to work in advanced markets with high net worth clients by providing estate planning support. Facts of Case: This case involved a husband age 53 and his wife age 51. They have two grown children and one grandchild, and they have accumulated a rather substantial net worth. Although they had done...

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Business Succession Case Study

Case Studies, Succession Benefits

Helping a producer write $IO million in new life insurance policies by designing a compelling BUSINESS SUCCESSION plan. Facts of Case: This case involved an entrepreneur who owned a very successful potato farm and business operation, Pleasant Farms, Inc., and the underlying farmland, First Properties, LLC. Pleasant Farms is an S corporation worth about $15...

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